Thursday, April 12, 2007

Moving North

Good ole Sol is warming up this area of Arizona and
the spring migration of RVers can be observed moving north to a more comfortable climate.

Over the last few days this phenomenon could be witnessed from our motorhome between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. One after the other, Escapees members exited the Casa Grande Park,

leaving empty lots all in a row with their seemingly lonely, yet colorful, storage units waiting patiently for owners to return in the fall.

The sightings of rattle snakes in the park this week may also give some impetus to the movement north.

As we took our evening walk last night this scene struck me as a mix of current and classic technology. This "Boomer" has preserved a classic means of transportation as his home while employing solar energy on the roof and an internet satellite for communication. Nice!!

We also will be pulling out of the park tomorrow. Our plans are to travel to Monument Valley on the border of Arizona and Utah. Depending on the condition of Jerry's aching back at that point, we will either head for Indianapolis and doctor evaluations or continue north to Moab for 4wheeling. Our decisions will be day-to-day as we evaluate his comfort level. For now we are looking forward to more super scenery in the next few days. When we have an internet connection again there will be posts on our blog. Stay tuned!!!

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