Saturday, April 7, 2007

Cruising up to Casa Grande

We left our two and four-legged friends in McNeal, Arizona, last Sunday to travel a little ways north, through Benson for a few days stop at the Escapees Park, then on for a brief stop of a few hours in Tucson and on up to Casa Grande where we have been hanging out at the Rovers Roost Escapees Park. We are here to keep an appointment for more modifications on Ole Yeller - a little help for the underbelly when we bump along the trails. As always happens in Escapees parks, we found friendly neighbors. Here Jerry relaxes in the shade for what is surely an important and meaningful conversation with a new friend, Ken Hrychyk. Ken and wife Deb are from Alberta, Canada, returning from their six month stay in Mexico.

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  1. Nice to see our good friend Ken. Even if it's on your blog and not in our Rv slot that has there Name on it. :) Have a Beer and think of us.

    Steve & Nancy O'Bosky


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