Monday, February 26, 2007

Fourwheeling with FMCA

As soon as we joined the FMCA (Family Motorcoach Association) 4wheelers Club we jumped at the chance to take part in a rally in Parker, AZ. We were anxious to back to crawling over rocks and negotiating narrow ledge roads, taking in the views of the rolling desert landscape and jagged mountains of the southwest.

Upon arrival at the rally we found 80 motorhomes parked off a two-lane highway on the edge of the Indian reservation. As we leveled the coach and unhooked the Jeep, we had people greeting us already. Great to find yet another sociable group of folks. Proceeding to the registration area, we signed up for our selection of trails, such as "Longo's Curse".

The top three photos posted today are Jerry negotiating a little "extra credit" on the El Supremo trail. Spotters are helpful when you can't see the obstacle over the hood.

The first day of offroading we lined up with 22 other anxious 4wheelers and followed our leader on an exciting trapse through the hills and valleys on Longo's Curse. One tight squeeze on the trail that had resulted in Longo's breakdown seven times previously did give some of us some difficulty. But never mind, everyone pitches in to get everybody else through any challenge.

Several photos here give you some idea of the "fun" everybody had maneuvering this tight spot. The only Bronco on our run for the day broke down through this spot.

Here you can see the folks pitching in to make repairs on the trail. And, of course, being loyal Jeep owners, we had to share the photo of the "Jeep" strapping out the "Bronco."

Our lunch stops on the trails were a chance to soak up some more of the interesting and beautiful scenery. Here's one near an old mine site.

Meeting people in the 4wheeling life, sharing trails, climbing hills and talking endlessly about equipment and experiences, all are a part of the fun. Here's Jerry with Rick and Jane Johnson from Carson City, Nevada, enjoying another scenic stop. Luckily our rigs were parked adjacent to each other for the rally week and there were great moments with them, on and off the trails.

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