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Waking Up Hurley Travels With A Quick Recap

     I didn’t really break up Hurley Travels, it just took a year-long vacation.  (Something close to a quote from The Eagles Reunion Tour, right?)  I’ve had a hiatus to consider how, or whether, this personal corner of the world should carry on.  The decision --- I’m not ready to call it quits at Hurley Travels just yet.  It’s still fun to take a look back in the blog history every now and then, especially since my recollection abilities are just a little fuzzier than they used to be. If you get my drift.  Time for a wake-up call!
     So what’s been happening?  We’ve been busy with living, doing whatever happens to us retired folk.  There are many distractions, from house projects to travel to hobbies to family to family history, or just foolin around.  During this blogging break I did occasionally mull over the moments that I’d want to add to the blog.  Some of those posts are still stuck in my head, I guess.  But don’t worry…there won’t be any novelettes written in these pages. I thought I’d have some fun with a sample of the past year in photos and keep the rhetoric simple. Here goes with the high spots:
     Summer 2015:
     --  The Cleveland Irish Fest with our friends, Mike and Suzanne Flynn, was a super weekend in July of song, reminiscing, tattoos for the ladies, tshirts for the guys and refreshments of our choice.

Cleveland Irish Fest 2015 (1)
Cleveland Irish Fest 2015 - Nancy and Suzanne take an afternoon plunge into the tattoo world!
        ---  Jerry and I went into the farming arena last summer.  Well I guess it was dipping maybe one toe into that arena.  We grew two kinds of tomatoes and two kinds of peppers in containers in our back yard. Hurley Vegetable Growing, 2015 (5) Actually, the plants produced a good many veggies and they were delicious.  We especially liked the cherry tomatoes’ juicy flavor.  And we could share them since our plant was plentiful.  There was also an added bonus.  Marti did  a fabulous job of canning the peppers and we had spicey treats for a while after.


      Indiana State Fair, August 2015:
     --- Krissy and I had a lot of fun lapping up  all the State Fair offerings.  We visited with horses, pigs, llamas, goats, rabbits and other appropriate animals.  We perused the handmade quilts, clothes and artwork submissions. And it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t visit the farm equipment.   And, of course, we had to try enough fried food to last us another year. 
Indiana State Fair, Aug, 2015 - Krissy gives a treat to an adorable Pigmy goat.
   Jerry’s Birthday, September 2:
     ---  It’s always fun for Tim to get his Dad out acting like a kid.  On Jerry’s birthday Tim talked him into taking a spin on one of their ATV’s. These pics remind me of how our roles reverse as we and our children get older.  Jerry made a quick trip around the yard and had us all laughing, of course.
Riding ATVs at Tim Hurley's (6)Riding ATVs at Tim Hurley's (5)Riding ATVs at Tim Hurley's (2)


Our Wedding Anniversary, September:
     ---  September 30th was 20150930_142118our 15th wedding anniversary.  We decided to explore around home for the day, find totally new places to experience.  In this picture I'm standing outside Mama Irma’s Peruvian Cafe in Fountain Square.  I can’t remember our exact menu choices, but everything was tasty, fresh and fun.  The waiter helped us20150930_133521 to get a good sampling for our first Peruvian food.
    Then, with our tummies full, we took a tour of two downtown Indy spots.  The art gallery in an old branch bank was new to us and we saw some interesting local artists’ work.  Then, we also roamed through the Midland Antique Mall for a dose of old treasures.

November in the Southwest, 2015:
     ---   What can I say about the chance to visit our good friends, Jerry and Dee Thomas and Mary Jo Wallen.  We decided to make this trip to the Southwest by car, taking our time and stopping at a few old favorite places.  Besides, Jerry wanted to see Lucas, Kansas, again – the Grassroots Art Center of the world. (In our minds anyway!)
     We did notice the difference on this trip in hotels rather than in a motorhome, with your own bed and your stuff.  But we found good stopover places, especially our three days in Santa Fe. One very important stop was in Albuquerque, New Mexico to see Mary Jo. We’ve been friends for soooooo long and it’s always good to get some face-to-face time. 
     Then, we arrived at our November spot with Jerry and Dee, and special four-legged buddy, Jaxon, in Congress, Arizona.  We had about three weeks of doing whatever; sometimes just looking at the beautiful desert scenery out our back door.   The evenings were filled with laughing and sharing. Always a treat to have time with these nice people and other special RVing friends there at North Ranch.  I have somehow missplaced the photos from New Mexico-Arizona 2015. So I’m  going to do some flashbacks.  These oldies are fun anyway!  
Nancy  and Mary Jo, New Mexico, 2012
Jerry Thomas with Jaxon, Christmas out in the desert, 2012.Dee Thomas and Jerry Hurley taking a break while on a four-wheeling adventure, Wickenburg, AZ, 2013Trail Fun near Wickenburg, AZ, Jan 2013, Bill and Barb, Jerry and Dee, Jerry and Nancy

   Christmas, 2015
     ---  We enjoyed having family and friends at our home at Christmas time!  Below are a few of those smiles that add joy to this time of year.  First, Granddaughter Caroline with her cousins, Lila, Jude and Ava Chamberlain gathered to create this beautiful moment. 
Hurley Christmas 2015:Caroline Fairfax, Lila Chamberlain, Jude Chamberlain, Ava Chamberlain
     ---  Then I'm adding a totally clowning, jiggly pic from the other Christmas event.   Captured below are my nephew Alan with Krissy (adult cousins in the back), and a few of the youngsters in the Niehaus clan. In the front are my sister Linda’s grandchildren:  Eli Marcum, Madison May, Annabelle Marcum and Madelyn Marcum. 
Niehaus Christmas, 2015 (3)
     ---  Lastly for the holiday photos: My sisters and I - Nancy Hurley, Linda May and Marti Fleetwood.   We ate to our hearts content, played cards, shared stories and presents and loved our family time.
Niehaus Christmas, 2015: Sisters, Nancy Hurley, Linda May, Marti  Fleetwood
     Caribbean Cruise with My Sis, January, 2016:
     ---  Lin and I took a seven-day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, Belize City and Roatan, Honduras in January.  Saw beautiful undersea sites snorkeling, road a submarine 100 feet down, and toured the fascinating Mayan Ruins.  The Caribbean Princess food was fantastic and we had a fabulous time on our sisters cruise.  Even played some bingo and musical trivial pursuit on the ship!
Lin and Nancy on the deck of the Caribbean Princess, leaving the dock in Houston in style.Roatan, Honduras while we were on our snorkeling trip.
     Sunny February Visits in Florida:
     --- Margie Hurley and Nancy Hurley, having some time together in her new home near Orlando, FL. We escaped the cold for a couple of weeks in February.  It was nice to visit Margie (Hurley) in her new home near Orlando. We got to meet her special friend, George and let them show us around their local area.
Nancy and Karen on the beach in Clearwater, Florida, February 2016.  We enjoyed music, drinks, snacks and great conversation at a spot on the beach where we have gone in times past.
   Then we made our way west to the gulf coast to see Karen again in Clearwater. We were just in time to help Karen adjust to her retirement. In fact we were there for her first Monday away.  And I think she got into it very quickly!  She's now excited to have more time for biking, walking and movies with her Dad.
This Florida escape had another special ingredient. Jerry escorted all of us ladies wherever we chose to go, to good restaurants, for drinks at waterview spots, to shop in quaint places, listen to music or walk on the beach.   


March through May, 2016, More Momentos:
Krissy Underwood and Darrell Bragg, Sweet!    ---   I’ll bring this year-long post to a conclusion  with comments on a pleasant birthday I had in March.  Krissy and Darrell (her special friend) created a fantastic meal of baked Tilapia, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and rice with almonds and served Jerry and I at Krissy's place. There was even a special creamy birthday tart with berries.
Cream cheese tart with raspberries and blackberries for Nancy's Birthday, March 19, 2016.  Krissy and I are still enjoying her gift of yoga lessons together.  Mother’s Day and Krissy’s May birthday would be worthy additions to this year’s recap. They all go into our memories vault forever.

    Well, that’s enough for one helping of Hurley Travels.  I have to go check on Jerry now to see what he might have up his sleeve.  There may be some surprises here in the future.   Hello to everyone from both of us.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by Hurley Travels.
  Nancy Hurley

Copyright (c) 2016, Nancy Hurley

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