Friday, February 6, 2015

The Test Trip of 2004 - Flashback Friday

No, Hurley Travels isn't closed down just yet.  Not ready to let this old friend be silent - just took a short break. But, let's kick it back on by a Flashback Friday.
I've been filtering out photo files on the computer and I'm coming across some I've almost forgotten about. Jerry sets up at our spot in Raccoon Valley Escapees Park, Jan 2004.Of course, then it's mandatory to stop to dwell on a memory or two. And some of those recollections take me a while. Smile

Anyway, I was hanging around in 2004 and realized I actually have a couple of photos of the first day of our RV Fulltiming Test Trip - Jan 12, 2004. That would be when we closed up our condo in Indy and went out to make our decision whether we could and would live for whatever time frame in our new Sunnybrook fifth wheel. 
Thankfully there wasn't snow and ice on the roads as we traveled south on I-65 that January.   Jerry and I planned that we'd stop overnight in Haskell, Tennessee, at an Escapees RV Park.  A nice distance to travel and still be in daylight, so that we could clean out the antifreeze that we had in the lines from winterizing the trailer.  We pulled into the park in time to get one of the two last spots available.  Everything was cool!  Electric hooked up, water lines cleaned out, before it got dark. In fact we were watching TV when a park employee knocked on the door.  It was nice of him to walk around the campground alerting us all that the forecast was in the teens that night and we shouldn't leave our water lines connected.  Wouldn't want to have frozen lines!  No problem.  Jerry took care of adding water in Nancy as we're ready to get down the road RVing, Jan 2004.our holding tank and disconnected the line.  We were cozy for the night.
But…..actually, we laughed the next morning when we both realized how silly it was that we didn't roll up our hose and store it away so that it didn't freeze in the extended position. LOL!  We had to wait a while in the morning for the sun to heat it up so that we could bend it enough to store it. No harm done. And it was good for a smile as we shared the story down the road at happy hour with RV friends. 
Oh yeah, the test trip proved positive.  Those four months resulted in the decision to sell our condo and live on the road. And the rest was an adventure that took us to unbeatable places, people and events for ten years.
Thanks for visiting Hurley Travels. Stay safe.

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