Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Keeping Up On Phases in Life

The blog-writing has had some interruptions lately.  Some of those time-robbers have been very pleasant and planned….others were not so welcomed.
Winter hit our condo in Indianapolis with a staggering punch!   But there’s recovery in this story.  Our ice maker on the refrigerator decided to go nuts and spray water everywhere while we were wintering in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Tim came to the rescue when he found the disaster.  He got the water shut off, brought in the guys to tear up the flooring and stabilized things until it warmed up enough for us to get back with the motorhome.   There’s not much use crying about it now.  The homeowners insurance kicked in and we got things livable as quickly as possible.  We’re once again settled in on Cape Drive in Indy. 
Meanwhile, during the repairs, we had our old parking spot for Ferd at Tim’s house.  Somehow this situation seemed appropriate, depending on Ferd the Foretravel as our home again for a spell.  So, things were very comfortable when they could have been treacherous.
We arrived in Indianapolis, and were all setup a day or two in advance of the March celebrations.  To start off right, we joined a few family and friends at the neighborhood Murphy’s restaurant on St. Patty’s Day.  It was fun to tip a few and chow down on corned beef and cabbage, while catching up with our peeps who had weathered the long, frigid winter in Indy.
Two days later I was treated to my birthday lunch and a really cool time at the Indianapolis Museum of Art by Krissy.  Here I am inside the bamboo exhibit in the three-story lobby.  This is one art exhibit that you can touch. Imagine these reeds hanging from about 50 feet(??) up, just a few inches apart, in a huge circular design that you can walk through.  Oh well, it's hard to explain. The photo doesn’t do it justice!Nancy at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, lobby exhibit of bamboo art.What a fantastic mother/daughter day we had. Krissy found a small, white-table-cloth restaurant for us to try with great food and nice atmosphere.  We saved our birthday brownie deserts for later when we knew we’d have restored our appetites after walking the museum.  The featured exhibit currently is Robert Indiana, “the Hoosier state’s most famous living artist.”  The exhibit includes his most iconic works, such as, the Love statue and his Numbers pieces.  There’s a good deal of background from interviews with him that bring some light to the motivations for his work.  It’s very interesting to learn about his history and what influenced the pieces he created. We used the audio tour to walk through while we heard all about Robert Indiana.  Plus, we roamed through more of the creations on other floors in the museum before our feet were beat. For instance, look at this unusual piece of artwork - it’s actually wearable!  Want to try to order a McDonalds wearing this?!  Krissy and I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday browsing both contemporary and ancient works of art. Museum of Art  
About the time we got settled back into our condo at Cape Cod Village, April started out with a treat.  Mary Jo (friend since high school) came to visit from New Mexico.  Of course, she has other folks to see besides me.  But I was lucky enough to have some time with her on three occasions during her week in Indiana.  Thankfully, we never lose touch.  Between visits on our travels, her occasional trips back to Indy, email and phone calls, we keep each other up-to-date pretty well.  But these times when we can just talk together like old times are the best.  We had a super time Nancy DeLullo and Mary Jo Wallen in Nashville, IN.on our day in Nashville, IN, with her cousin, Nancy, (great gal). It was a blast for the three of us to make the trip to Brown County, cruise around the state park we all love, and then browse for the afternoon in the shops in Nashville.   Here are Nancy and Mary Jo with a furry stuffed friend we found outside a local establishment.   And I had to stop to say hello to Abe at the woodcarver’s shop, too.
Nancy in Nashville, IN.
The latest celebration was just a few days ago with Grandson Ben.  He’s 19! It seems incredible that he’s grown from that little boy drawing pictures in our living room to this 6-foot-something youngBen Fairfax and Jerry Hurley, Grandson and Gramps. man on the road to being an electrician.  We sure enjoyed having a birthday evening at Applebee’s with Ben and his sister, Caroline.  Here’s Ben and Gramps having one of those special moments.
Our lives seem pretty fluid right now.  We’ve given Ferd the last sprucing up.  He’s awaiting the anticipated transfer to a new owner.  We’re just moving into a new phase in our lives -- whatever it turns out to be.  For sure, we plan to roam some more.   Who knows where, when or how.  Keeps life interesting!

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