Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taking Time for Ferd in Texas

Just like any home, Ferd needs upkeep and updates.  That’s where we are for a few days – Motorhomes of Texas in Nacogdoches.  Our northwest travels from Gulf Shores, Alabama, included a few days in Livingston, Texas, at the Rainbow’s End Escapees Park, our “headquarters.”  But after picking up our mail at our box and making our appointment for the motorhome, we meandered north about 75 miles to have the necessary Ferd enhancements. 

Our good experiences over the years with MOT bring us back when we can reasonably work it into our path.  So, now it’s time again for watching and waiting while the work gets done.  Let’s see….broken windshield, generator has a broken support bar, brakes need repairs and engine needs service….and then, on the road coming up here our alternator decided to bite the dust!  Ferd wait to enter the bay at Motorhomes of Texas.The repairs list keeps growing. 

Oh yeah, we’re also sprucing up the finish on poor old Ferd.  You know, he’s about 19 years old now and he’s pretty dull. There’s a deep polish we can get to bring back some of the original luster.   It took some consideration and contemplation on this elective stuff.  We talked with two or three people here about the benefits and results.  After discussing the budget, etc, we decided to get ‘er done!  Can’t erase all the years of wear with just this fix, or revive the cracks in the decals. But Ferd will have a bigger smile, a nicer finish.  Kindof like me having a Botox treatment, but keeping the cellulite and gray hair – noticeable improvement, while keeping a few badges of time!Winking smile

So for now, we’re settled in. Motorhomes of Texas, NacogdochesComfortable... using the pleasant surroundings in the customers lounge, free coffee and internet and tv...and living in Ferd when the employees move us outside for the night’s stay. Of course, as soon as they position us inside the bay in the a.m. for the day’s work, we’re off to a breakfast spot. We’re on our second night parked here and expect to be here two more. If you have to spend the time and money, MOT is our choice of the place to do business.  The people are straight with you on what’s involved, do a professional job and are extremely pleasant.  We hear so many “yes Ma’ams and Sirs” and “ya’ll need anythings?” from these courteous Texans that you just have to feel welcome.  The guys on the work crew make sure we have electricity and answer any questions before locking the gate in the evening.  (we have the code!)

These maintenance trips are among the ingredients of this lifestyle that aren’t the most favorite times, that’s for sure.  But, just as other activities/toys/hobbies that any of us choose, we have to keep it up to enjoy it.   Whether you have a yacht, a cabin, a pop-up camper or a bicycle….there’s always something to do.  Right?  Please say yes!  Steaming mad

We’ll soon be taking roads to warmer places again.  And our home on wheels will be purring along much smoother and shinier.

Thanks for visiting Hurley Travels.  See you down the road!  Be safe.

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