Thursday, October 31, 2013

Conjuring Up Creatures Through the Years

I’ve been sorting and scanning old photos again.  Then, it just happens!  All kinds of blog post ideas start emerging.  So now...I can’t resist gathering these generations of goblins together for Hurley Travels.  Here’s some time travel from the 1940s through 2000s.
Cousins This first Halloween step back is a group of cousins that were gathering at Grandma Weber’s house in 1947.  Don’t look all that happy about trick-or-treating, do they?!  These youngsters are from two to five years of age:  At the top on the landing is my brother, Donny Niehaus.   The girl standing just one step down from him is my sister, Martha, with my cousin, Bill Niehaus, next to her.   In front of Bill is his sister, Marilyn. And in the front of them all is our cousin, Janet Weber.Nancy Carole and Martha Niehaus The theme here seems to be hats; four out of five have some facsimile. 

The gals in the next black and white photo from 1952 are incognito ~ Me (Nancy) and my "older" sis, Martha.  These costumes and masks don’t necessarily match.  But, as I remember, ours were usually random outfits in those days.  We Halloween Krissy Bumhad a big box of costume paraphernalia carried over from year to year that we put together in various ways. There was one really scary rubber devil mask that might be worn with anything.  You never knew what might come out of the box or be left after the other siblings got theirs.
Then, the photos move through the generations to about 1986.  The bum on the left is Krissy.  Take a look at the weird mask. Not really sure what it is.  And she’s wearing one of my jackets and scarves. Whose hat is that?!  Oh, and that’s a candy cigar, BTW!  Creating a costume out of old clothing became a tradition, I guess.  Krissy and her friends kept that up for years.
That brings me Halloween Ben and Caroline, about 2002to the early 2000 era.  These darling grandchildren!!!  First we have the cutest leopard ever, Caroline, with her painted face and black cat ears.  Her brother, Ben, looks pretty horrid as some sort of ugly zombie hanging on her side. 
And lastly, here’s C as an Indian girl (I think), with her buddy, Nicole, the green-faced something.  These two grew up on the same street, spending time at each other’s homes, sharing the fun of Halloween, birthdays and just being friends.  They look back on those days fondly as they are going into their adulthood today.Halloween C and Nicole
Using imagination to become another being for a few hours is a lot of fun!!!  All of these costumed folks are beyond that phase now.  But I hope those following along in their footsteps enjoy their own Halloween times and can dig up some interesting creations for posting here in the future.  C’mon Eland, Luke, Ava, Lila, Jude, Chase, Madison, Annabelle, Madelyn, Eli,..........Let’s see what you've got!

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