Monday, June 17, 2013

Six Weeks Worth of Living

Okay, I’ve heard that I’m really failing at the updates on this blog.  That’s true.  So, here goes Tim!   I’ll see how well I can do at covering our lives for the last six weeks.

Since arriving back in Indianapolis Art work at Indianapolis Museum of late April, we’ve been involved in several gatherings for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and those no-special-reason occasions, too.   Most of the time I take a few photos, but some pass by without getting recorded.   We really enjoy them all.  Let’s see if I can describe a few….

In early May we had a nice time celebrating Krissy’s birthday with a yummy Italian lunch at Bravo.  She chose a visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art as a birthday activity.  Here’s a photo of some bicycle art in the lobby - where Cinco de Mayo at El Rodeo restaurant.cameras were allowed.  We spent some time in their gift shop too, browsing the wide choice of interesting items.  There really wasn’t enough time that afternoon for appreciating all the exhibits in this exceptional museum,  so it’s on our list to revisit this summer. 

Of course, May brings Cinco de Mayo and a good reason to have Mexican with the granddaughter and her best friend.  Thanks to Caroline and Kelly for another pleasant evening.  These two college girls always keep us smiling.

The following Sunday was Mother’s Day and Krissy created a very nice brunch. Her frittata was delicious and she made roasted veggies, Sangria and this delicious fresh fruit dessert in our photo below.    By the time the day was over we had Ben, Caroline and Jenny all joining in on the visit. But we were so busy talking and eating dessert that I didn’t get any pictures of them.   I have to say it was a very niceNancy and Krissy. Mothers’ Day.


Early in June I was lucky enough to be with my Aunt Peg for a birthday lunch including our Aunt Ruth, my sister, Marti,  and cousins Marilyn and Bill.  After taking her out to lunch, we returned to her kitchen for some of her Jell-O cake and the usual lively conversation.  We always enjoy our gab fests with her, laughing about old times and sharing the latest events in all of our families. Peg, Rosie and Marilyn. The photo below has  Aunt Peg peeking over the top of one of her family memory quilts that she’s in the progress of completing. Her daughter, Rosie, and our cousin Marilyn are helping to show off her work.  Peg is 89 years young and we are all hoping to have her energy and independence.


There have also been the occasional lunches, dinners and hanging out with friends and family that season everything.  For instance, the other night we went over to sister-in-law Margie’s to have a glass of wine and go out for dinner since we haven’t had the chance to see her in the six weeks we’ve been in the city.  Well, once we started our talk-fest we didn’t stop.  Six hours later we were still there in her living room, had ordered a pizza and finished the second bottle of wine.  None of us realized how much time had passed until I looked at the clock and it was 12:45 a.m.   We had lots to share!


Then…..I have to mention the most recent birthday celebration for another one of the youngsters in the family.   Jerry and I drove out to Greenfield, about ten miles east of Indy, to take part in the festivities for Chase’s (my niece, Angie’s, son)Chase and Nancy take a spin in his new vehicle. tenth birthday.  There were about 20 people of all ages getting together to say Happy Birthday with cake, ice cream and presents.  One of Chase’s presents was this nifty go-kart.  There were lots of rides for all of his party-goers, including me.  He even taught me how to drive it myself.  We had a super time.  Chase is a very nice young man and we’re glad to see him enjoying these times in his life.

To put the topper on this list of happenings, Father’s Day was super for Jerry.  He always says “I don’t want  anything special. Every day is Father’s Day.”  We thought Tim would be too busy with work to be able to get together.  And then Jenny somehow lost her voice and felt too nasty to take part on this Sunday.  But,  I put a roast in the crock pot and Krissy was going to stop by for dinner.  Our surprise was that Tim’s customer canceled and he got a few hours free.  He decided to get onJerry and Tim on Father's Day his Harley and come over.  The four of us sat on our little patio for a couple of hours and enjoyed ourselves.  Those unexpected times together can be some of the special ones.  (No, I didn’t post the photo with your holey t-shirt, Tim. Next time. Winking smile )

Interspersed within all of the planned events are the unplanned happenings.  We treasure the impromptu activities, such as when we get a text “Are you home? I’m in the neighborhood.”   Caroline might have time for a Subway sandwich after class or needs to use the Amazon account or the Internet. Or someone wants to just stop by to say Hi.  Or a son calls with a last minute cookout plan.

Jerry and I are happy to have our little place in Indianapolis so that family can stop in, our friends can come over for a drink and we can take our turn at having some small gatherings at our place.  And we enjoy going to everyone’s place to have a swim, ride a kart, sip a glass of wine or taste a yummy new recipe.  There’s so much to be thankful for in our lives.  I’ve probably missed a few events over these six weeks, but I think this represents the overall picture anyway.   

Thanks for visiting Hurley Travels.  Stay safe.

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