Monday, March 11, 2013

Returning to Sidewinder Road

There are places in our lives that draw us back.   You know, a beautiful park, a comfy chair, a favorite walking path, a soft beach,  or even a peaceful corner of the local library. I hope everyone has a few of these places.

Most rvers that we know could make a short list of the chosen places they return to, or hope to at some time in the future.  The desert area off Sidewinder Road, west of Sidewinder Road parking spot.Yuma, Arizona, is one of our spots. Why?  It’s the multitude of openness, the escape from the hustle and bustle and the view of the surrounding mountains and desert. There are stupendous sunsets, too.

So, here we are… back again.  We’re enjoying the peace and scenery at Sidewinder Road. Can you see Ferd and Ole Yeller off in the distance on the left side of this photo? I took this shot on a walk in the evening.

Knowing that some friends were probably  parked here was another bonus for this stop.  They are across from us in the photo. 

As anyone drives down the road they see groupings, or individual rvers, who picked a temporary home and are sharing this vast space. We can have as much company or privacy as we choose, and just hang out for a while in the warm climate.  Civilization is just close enough;  any kind of shopping,Sunset from Sidewinder Rd. eating or entertainment is available by traveling about 15 miles into Yuma.  We are fond of the rumble of the train that runs by in the distance occasionally.  People go out to play on the trails or to do geocaching or hiking in the area. And sometimes a neighbor passes by on the way into town or to take the turnoff a few miles down the road to the Algodones, Mexico border crossing.  

Tomorrow we will be going to Yuma to visit with ten friends for the afternoon.  Karen and Mickey Bennett, Kaaren and Bill Payne, Jan and Chuck Moore, Ron and Sharon Mead and Jack and Jeanne Albers are all good people who share the rving lifestyle. They are in this area of the country for various amounts of the winter.  Each of these returners could tell their own tales of time spent at Sidewinder Road. 

How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to come back here as we move along in our journey. 

Thanks for visiting Hurley Travels.  Stay safe!

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