Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and hope that 2013 brings good fortune and blessings for you!
Thank you to our familyMary Jo and Dick's cabin, New Mexico, Dec 2012 and friends who provided many joys, encouraged us through struggles and brought repeated smiles in the past year.
With all good wishes, I’m sharing a few photos that didn’t make it to the blog in the past twelve months. 
A great way for me to start is with this photo of Mary Jo and Dick’s Christmas tree in their cabin in Ramah, New Mexico – a special setting for some special people.  Thanks for the memories, MJ!

We all enjoyed the Niehaus family gathering in November a great deal. Here’s my niece, Angie, my nephew, Alan, my daughter, Krissy, my niece,Nikki, and another nephew, Patrick.   What a great group of young people!  Love you all.
Niehaus Cousins, Nov 18, 2012

Tim, once again, generously hosted our Thanksgiving.  The turkey was delicious and it was a heartwarming day.   Thanks Tim. And Happy Birthday to you, too! 
Tim's Thanksgiving 2012

 And here’s my favorite guy on Thanksgiving with two great gals, Amy, his niece, and Jamie, Tim’s lady.   Aren’t they a beautiful trio?!
Thanksgiving 2012

My grand nephew, Chase, gives us his handsome smile.  He’s a guy we enjoy spending time with and he adds a special ingredient to the family gatherings.
Chase Perkins , Nov 2012

My sister, Lin, is posing here with her granddaughter, Madison.  This is such a rare happening, that Lin would actually be so nice.  I had to add this one for the record! Winking smile
Madison and Lin May

This lineup also needs these special grandchildren….Caroline and Ben having a good time with Gramps!
Caroline, Jerry (Gramps) and Ben

And just because, I’m including a photo from the summertime.  Hanging out at our place with Marti, (Sis) and her two grandchildren, Breann and Chase. It was a nice afternoon. 
Breann, Nancy, Chase, Marti
Niagara Falls, Nov 2012

Peace, love and joy to all!

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