Thursday, November 29, 2012

Which Way Did They Go?

Here we go again, on the road for the winter.  But this time there’s a new twist. Now we’re leaving a home and belongings behind after seven years of living within our rv only.   The reorganizing and planning for two places could be a little like Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. Who knows which way to go?
Another new twist this year -  we were glad to have gatherings of family and friends in our home as we approached our departure.  Jenny’s November birthday celebration at our house was very nice.  As well as we were fortunate to have the chance to gather all of the Niehaus clan.  Special times and good memories.  Now, if only I had remembered to save my photos from these events to my cloud storage I could add a few of them to this blog post that I’m writing down-the-road in Oklahoma.  Oh well, just a small glitch. If they do turn up when I dig out my backup hard drive, somewhere in Ferd, then I’ll post an album just for the fun of it later.
So, which way did we go?  We’re venturing toward Arizona through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico.  20121127_071004-001 The trip has been sunny and 60-degrees as we traveled I57 and I55 south to I40 west.  The first two nights of our trip we’ve parked overnight in WalMarts. Here’s a photo Jerry took early yesterday morning in Conroy, Arkansas, while I was still asleep. He’s taking an early morning check of the neighborhood. Winking smile  Really, he just made a fresh donut stop inside the store.
For tonight’s stop, we chose an Elks Lodge.  We are situated nicely in Midwest City, Oklahoma, just east of Oklahoma City.  For $10, and our Elks membership, we have 30 amp electric and water available.  It’s a friendly, roomy, clean location.  Here’s the humorous part… As I write this the jets are skimming over the top of the motorhome on their approach to the airport that’s just on the other side of the trees across the road.  What’s really interesting is that during the time that we located this parking area, discussed the parking with the maintenance man living on the premises, unhooked our Jeep, maneuvered into our spot, hooked up our electric and got Airplane over our motorhome in Oklahoma.comfortable inside.. there were no planes arriving.  There isn’t any sign of the airport that we noticed at all.  Then as we were relaxing and discussing what we might like for dinner, we heard a sound in the distance that could have been a train.   We looked out the window as the sound grew louder,  just in time to see the bottom of this airplane go over our rig and descend on the other side of the trees. Wow!  Surprise! Hilarious!   
What can you do.  Just get out your cell phone and try to catch a shot I guess.  Another day in Hurley Travels.  Thanks for visiting with us.  Stay safe.

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