Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Sunny January Sunday Afternoon

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon in January with the sun shining, football on TV and a granddaughter working at the local candy store?  Why not make a combo out of it.  Since the sun was shining after a couple of nasty, snowy, gloomy and low-temp days, we decided to get out for a visit with Caroline.  Our favorite MCL (cafeteria) is close to the mall where Caroline works at the Inside Scoop, so our plan was quickly put into place.  Before we knew it we were in the cafeteria line making those difficult decisions on salad, pie, fish, fried chicken or roast beef.  We passed up those mile-high pies while reminding each other that we were cutting back now since we had eaten all the holiday leftovers.  We did pretty well.  The Tilapia, string beans and broccoli were very good.

Gramps and Caroline, Jan 15, 2012.But…..if you’ve had the chance to experience the Inside Scoop, you will understand how we could so quickly disregard our calorie counting. Oh well. This is a fantastic candy wonderland, with bins and bins of every sort of confection, from chocolate pecan caramel mounds to every Jelly Belly flavor in the universe. They also have a stuffed animal menagerie of the most unusual creatures that are fun to see. With C’s help we chose our favorite licorice and lemon delights, and just had to take her recommendationNancy and Caroline on the 1/2 price Christmas mints.  Saying hi to our favorite granddaughter made the day even more sunny.

But for now we are stationed in front of the TV, relaxing with our treats and a libation, and watching the Green Bay/Giants game. I’m getting a few minutes of the game, then a few minutes of computer time. We all know I can’t sit still for the whole game anyway.  And, since we can’t cheer for our local favorite Manning (Bubba, as Krissy calls him.), we are pulling for Eli (Little Bubba, as Krissy calls him.) Maybe the whole Manning family will have a reunion in Indianapolis in about a month!

However you are spending this January afternoon, hope it’s enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by at Hurley Travels.  Stay safe.

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