Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 -- From Nancy and Jerry

Well, here it is December 24.  We hope you've had a good year! Ours developed a little differently than the recent ones. We had a minimum of “Hurley Travels.” And we made a majorTradition of wearing Christmas socks for Nancy and Krissy. lifestyle adjustment... one more time.

To start the 2011 year, we were hanging out in Florida, just enjoying the warm climate and relaxing. We picked a spot in Bushnell, northern Florida, and entertained ourselves in the local area for a few months. Nancy did make a short trip to Clearwater for a nice beach visit with our friend, Karen.

Then, in March we hit the road, north toward Indianapolis. We had decided to start looking for some kind of home base near family. Although we weren't ready to stop traveling in the motorhome, we were ready to have a place to spread out. The quest for our place in Indy resulted in our condo at Cape Cod Village on the northeast side, near our kids. Since the end of May, most everyone probably knows by now, we've been unpacking the storage facility, renovating and getting situated in our new little place. It's been very interesting reacquainting ourselves with home ownership – mostly fun, but time-consuming.

Although we've missed being on the road somewhat, the summer in Indianapolis was very enjoyable. We celebrated birthdays and holidays, attended family reunions and all types of Mandy and Jamie.gatherings. Here are two of our favorite family smiling sisters, Mandy and Jamie.  Had to give them a post. These are good times.

In some ways, these seven or eight months have flown by while we kept busy in one place. There were two chances to get Ferd on the road though, one for a fabulous few days at the Irish Festival in Cleveland with our good friends, Mike and Suzanne, and one forCelebrating Thanksgiving with family Jerry to go on a father-son 4wheeling trip with Tim to Arkansas. The last one had its bad side, though. Jerry is recovering from an accident as we speak. This incident is keeping us situated for a while, but he is springing back with physical therapy and meds. Meanwhile, we are comfortable as can be.

Thanksgiving was low key, but still very nice.  We had super celebrations with our families. And now we are getting ready to do the same for Christmas.

Hopefully, you have many good experiences to look back on for 2011.

We wish you the best in the New Year.

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