Monday, May 30, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Memorial Day

What should we be about on this day? Should we be enjoying our gatherings, cookouts, shopping the sales or catching up on chores? Should we be absorbed in theStones River National Cemetery hundreds of activities that are currently consuming our own day-to-day lives?  Or should we be stopping the mad rush of everything to remember those who preceded us and made it all possible?  I think maybe both.

But for the brave souls who put their lives on the line we wouldn’t have the luxury of living as we do.  We wouldn’t be free to criticize and protest and vote in this imperfect, yet still grand, country that we call ours.  As far as our own dna, we can’t deny that we are all a conglomeration of our departed family. So, on Memorial Day, why not do it all!? Let’s remember our personal loved ones who had so much influence in our lives. Let’s thank our lucky stars for those who died preserving our freedom. Let’s enjoy this day with friends, family or just in any way we choose to do.  Because we can.

We were thinking this morning of past Memorial Days; for instance the ones on the road, Arlington Natl Cem, tomb of the Unknown Soldiersometimes visiting cemeteries decorated with red, white and blue. We were also doing some reminiscing about raising children. This led us to looking back on growing up in Indy, listening over ‘race weekend’ to the 500, as we did yesterday. One of our favorite parts was always the moving tradition of the national anthem and the flyover that salutes our armed forces before the race each year.Harold Norris Niehaus, veteran of WW II, Nancy's uncle We remember visits to family graves, leaving a few flowers for parents and grandparents.  Just these old folks getting sentimental for a short time.

Later we’ll gather with our children, adding to our memories.  It’s a great life. Thanks to everyone involved.

Glad you stopped by at Hurleytravels.  Postings have been sparse, but we will be doing more updates soon. Talk to you later.

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