Sunday, April 17, 2011

Catchin’ Up

Once upon a time there was a blog named Hurley Travels that in March 2011, unexpectedly and for no real reason, became a little neglected.  The owners continued to experience various comings and goings that might rate a post. But no, for over 30 days the words did not come.  A few thoughts would get written without that final click of the publish button.  Good ole’ Hurleyblog was patient, however, waiting for a nod or some kind of recognition.   It’s not for lack of subjects or inactivity that I’ve been silent.  Maybe I just needed to think for a while.   But now, I’m in the mood to get back to the forsaken, lonely blog. Finally, after the 35th day of isolation and lack of communication, we have a happy blog once again.  Let the posts continue…..

Our travels in mid-March were from our winter spot in Bushnell, Florida to Indianapolis. We arrived iDeer at the Hurley spot in Fishers, Indianan Indy as a cold snap hit and had the blankets, sweaters and heaters out for several days.  As always, seeing family smoothed over the shivers from the climate. Besides, in late March after the basketball tournaments are completed, everyone can count on the budding of the trees and the grass growing to begin in earnest in these parts. The blossoming trees and lawn mowers are spreading those familiar sights, smells and sounds all around us now. We’ve shared good times already; meals, softball, rock bands and lots of gabbing. There’ve been more than our share of “something to smile about” happenings.  A few were photo ops.  Today’s post includes deer grazing in A smile says so much.our front yard as we have many evenings here in Tim’s backyard. And also there’s the smiling little guy, Eland, who has some mischief in his mind at most times and it shows.  (Made you smile!)

But really, this 30-day period has seemed like a blink of the eye. In fact some of our visiting with friends and family has been curtailed by time spent on our newest project. What now?  Well……we are in the “next phase of the Hurleys’ adventure.”  We’ve decided to acquire a “stick home” (not on wheels) in Indianapolis.  So we started looking for a small home or condominium that would suit our situation.  The situation is: continuing to travel at our leisure in Ferd, yet having another place to spread out for whatever length of time needed, located near family.  Now that’s a gigantic consolidation, or summary, of a boat load full of discussion, debate, examination, considering various options and determining our next steps. After all is said and done, we are getting into our “next phase” at this point -- enjoying the hunt.

Over seven years ago when we sold our home and started our fulltime RVing lifestyle we didn’t have a specific plan or know where exactly the road would lead. We enjoyed the freedom immensely and had so, so many fabulous experiences, seeing a whole gamut of places.  The people we were fortunate to meet and revisit are a favorite part of those years of roaming, too.  We have no plans to end all of that.  We’ll be having more good times out there, as well as in Indy!

That’s the synopsis of our lives in the last thirty days.  More to come…..Talk to you later. 


  1. Jerry & Nancy! So glad to see you back in Bloggerland! We've missed your posts. Glad to hear all is well with both of you. Congrats on the 'next phase'. We'll be anxious to hear what you find! Hugs, J&C

  2. Hi there Hurleys! We've been watching for a blog update & thinking about you guys. Best wishes on your real estate hunt! Exciting! Glad to hear that you are not hanging up Ferd's keys however. Some of our best travel memories are of the 4 of us! Are you in Indy for the summer?
    Hugs, J&C

  3. I had to laugh on why you haven't written on your blog for such a long time. Sounds just like me at times, I have gone as long as a month and finally figure I better write something, even if it's just hi, we're still alive. Happy hunting for your new digs and we'll see ya down the road....Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Nancy!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron


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