Saturday, November 20, 2010

Roads Lead to Indy

Hurley Travels currently are in the Indianapolis area. Whenever we come “home” we find open arms and welcoming smiles. The past few weeks delivered more of the same.  There were shared lunches and dinners at favorite restaurants, mother-daughter shopping trips, weenie roasts and pitch-ins, meeting new boyfriends and girlfriends, sharing stories from the road and getting the latest news from everyone.  But the best part is just being with them. Family, that is.  

Here’s a beautiful crew of my family visiting over lunch at the MCL cafeteria near where I grew up on the south side of Indianapolis. In this photo on the left is my cousin Marilyn and my sister Marti, and on the right is my cousin Rosie and aunts Peg and Ruth.  I have to brag on the talents of my two aunts who are extraordinary quilters. They can turn out some masterpieces. These two ladies and our cousins relate to warm childhood memories and are always fun to spend some time with. My sister and I try to plan at least one of these gatherings when I’m in town. Someday maybe we’ll pull together the loads of other family members for a Weber family reunion.  What do you say cousins?!

Another important ingredient in life for a few members of this family is football. The contest for the Superb-owl trophy is fierce each year.  The participants must study all the players in the NFL to make their weekly selections.  But everyone always picks the Colts to win. Of course, the Colts play a significant role in that drama.  But, for some every game is critical.  For instance, my daughter Krissy has become a little obsessed – in a good way.  She and her friends have their own personal contest to pick the winners each week.  At the end of the season whoever has the most wins is the owner for the year of the trophy at the right. 

Rio watches football with us on a Sunday afternoon.

But, a slightly different kind of fan is Rio, the smartest border collie in the world. She is absolutely intent on possessing any ball that is in her hemisphere.  She will fetch and return as long as you can throw.  Not only is it the game of fetch, but this obsession with balls includes the ones on television. It can be a baseball, golf ball, basketball, tennis ball, ping pong or football.  She hears the cheering of the crowd and knows that it is time to set her sights on the screen. Her owner, Tim Hurley, says she knows when the weather man finishes his portion of the news and comes running to see the sports. Here she is watching TV in our motorhome while she visits with us for an afternoon. Her eyes follow the ball intently. But she does rest between plays. Good time was had by all at the Texas Roadhouse for Jenny's birthday.

And, of course, we have the chance to celebrate family birthdays while in town.  This month is Jenny’s.

I won’t say which one - just 40-something.  We had many laughs at her birthday dinner the other night.  Here with smiles-for-the-camera are Jenny’s friend Joe, her brother Tim, Jamie (Tim’s fiancé and Jenny’s friend) and the beautiful daughter of my hubby, Jenny. 

One of her most treasured gifts that evening came from Tim.  It is a  “fragile (FRA-GEE_LAY) leg lamp” night light.  Jenny's birthday present - Anyone reading this that has ever watched “The Christmas Story” will recognize this prized possession .  No need to say anything further. 

Thanks to everyone for making us feel loved.

We wish you good times and safe travels.  Talk to you later.


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  1. Fun family, fun Blog! I'm glad that you're having fun in Indiana but we ARE missing you in Arizona!


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