Monday, October 11, 2010

We are Soooo Cool Again

Thank goodness our refrigerator escapade is over!!  Maybe you remember the ups and downs over the past year or longer.  There were occasions when our refrigerator stopped cooling completely. Then there would be a period of no issues. And again, sometimes when it was a warm day the fridge just couldn’t stay in the safe zone. But with the cooler temps, we squeezed in the three-month Alaska trip without too much difficulty. But who knew when its last day would come. Well, we chose to end this period of insecurity in Shipshewana, Indiana a few days ago.

Thanks to Leon Hershberger at National RV Refrigeration we are cooling away. After a friend’s recommendation and learning that Leon gives a three year warranty on his work, we chose to replace the cooling unit rather than try to fit a new refrigerator into the place where our out-of-production unit was designed to fit.  He replaced our cooling unit, the entire back portion of the refrigerator, without taking the unit out of the motorhome.  We were relieved that it wasn’t necessary to take out one of Ferd’s windows to get the refrigerator outside.  There is no way our double-door refrigerator was coming out the space of our entry door.  To make room to work in our slideless motorhome, Leon disassembled our table from the wall. He brought the fridge out onto the floor to do his work on the spot.  

Here are the before and after shots:The 15 year old refrigeration unit. New cooling apparatus attached and ready to go back into the wall.







Three days have passed and we are pleased.  The temperature fell inside in a reasonable period of time and is holding steady.  We have no need to play with the gas and electric switch while crossing our fingers that it would operate.  And we aren’t maneuvering the motorhome so that a minimal amount of sun shines on that side of the rig. 

Yea!!  We are sooo cool.  Thanks for visiting.

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