Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friends Along Our Way in Oregon

Sept. 3-7:  We are fortunate in this RVing lifestyle to make good friends and see them along the road.  While passing through Oregon (Our first time in Ferd.) we had a chance to visit with Jerry and Dee Thomas at their hosting campground at Catharine Creek State Park, eight miles south of Union, Oregon. Dee, Jaxson and Jerry. Aren't they a great-looking family! What a nice place to spend some time.  The park is in the Oregon hills, away from it all. The cost is a very reasonable $9.00, no hookups, pleasant setting.  We had the perfect weather, sunny and low 70s with cool nights.  They had a prime pull-thru spot next to the creek selected for us when we drove in on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend.  The next four days with them and, of course, Jaxson, their special Schnauzer, were a pleasure.

There were hours of catching up on news, travel, family, mutual friends and plans for the future. We shared meals, campfires, walks, laughs and drives around the area. One day we drove to La Grande, Oregon, about  20 miles away, where we came across a 50s-style diner called Haught’s.  In addition to their specialty of The Haught's diner was just what we were looking for on a sunny Labor Day.  The formica table and chairs and soda fountain brought back our childhoods.  And the creamy ice cream topped it all off. hamburgers just about any way you could ask, they have 24 flavors of ice cream.  Most of the flavors were something unique, like licorice, bubble gum or huckleberry.  We can attest to the superbness of the lemon meringue pie and peach cobbler.  The company, atmosphere and the vittles were all excellent.


I can’t make a post concerning the Thomases without saying a few words about our four-legged pal, Jaxson. He always adds some smiles and loving to the mix, especially Jaxson gives us a demonstration of his howling prowess. when he does his wonderful howling routine.  It’s hysterical. Here’s Jerry prompting him to let out with his throaty sounds.  This talent was first discovered when he heard another animal howling and just started responding. Now his owners and friends are known to encourage him by starting their own serenade.  Before you know it, Jaxson is yawning a few times to warm up his vocal cords. And the concert begins. And it is something to behold. What a talented dog!

This relationship is a bonus of living wherever our wheels take us.  We first met the Thomases in Utah, have had great visits when they welcome us to their place in Arizona, said hello back in Indiana, and now we’re fortunate to cross paths in Oregon.  I know that other fulltimers would agree that we all value every one of our friends from all avenues of our lives.  Isn’t it nice that we have a unique avenue by which we meet folks like these?  We have shared many laughs and a few serious times as well.  All of it adding to our good memories. Thanks again friends.

Stay safe. Talk to you later.

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  1. Looks like you're still having a great time.

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