Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day in Talkeetna – Alaska Adventure 2010

July 4:  Happy Independence Day everyone!  Talkeetna Color Guard, 4th of July parade.Thank God for our freedoms in this country. And for those that sacrificed and suffered so that we  have them today.  There was cause for celebration and smiles all around at the Talkeetna 4th-of-July parade.

This small community stepped up to put on quite an event, the 2010 Moose on Parade.  There were floats of every variation of moose:  The Patriotic Spruce Mama Moose and Calf, Wood-N-Ski Moose,  Merlot Moose, Mr.. Moostafarian, Moose-tress Mary, Buttonwinkle, and more.  Wood-N-Ski Moose, sponsored by The Junque Lady, Talkeetna, AK









Volunteers handed out flags along the route, which was two blocks up and two blocks back down Main Street. The band played “She’s a Grand Old Flag.” Ladies kazoo band played the patriotic songs perfectly!And the fire trucks brought up the tail, sirens blaring away.  What more can I say.  

Oh yes, I have to mention that I was actually, for a short while, a part of the festivities.    This dashing young man on his motorcycle stopped to offer me a ride.  I was whisked away for my own parade, up and down Main Street.  The thumbs-up and cheers from parade-watchers was fun. Nancy's escort for the parade, Talkeetna, AK





Didn’t get my picture taken, but I do have witnesses. This community definitely puts effort into bringing the warm atmosphere of Talkeetna to their 4th-of-July celebration..

As we were slowly wandering back toward the car, we decided to go inside the Fairview Inn to see how the inside of this old establishment looked. It was the home of Talkeetna’s first bathtub and continues to be a popular gathering place, just as it was in 1923.  We found not only the tell-tale memorabilia of the building’s  history, but friendly people striking up conversations.  Don, Tonya, Nancy, Jerry enjoying the camaraderie at Fairview Inn, Talkeetna, AKOne couple overheard us saying our home town was Indianapolis and stopped us to say they were from just down the road in Bloomington, Indiana.  A local fire fighter shared his Talkeetna experiences with us. One lady was on the search for a man since she had heard tell that there were nine for every woman in Alaska.  She did find a few to get her photo taken with, including Jerry, but I believe she left by herself. (Oh well, another day I guess.)  We met a couple of nice folks from Atlanta that we sat down to talk with for a while. You know how time slips away…… Tonya and Don, became our new friends after we shared thoughts and lies for a couple of hours.

Hope everyone had a super holiday weekend.  Talk to you later.


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