Sunday, June 27, 2010

Homer from the Beach – Alaska Adventure 2010

June 25:  There’s a considerable amount to keep our attention right on our front porch here in Homer.  From our beachside spot, we can report to you on a variety of weather, people, animals and events. We’ve been watching high flying, wave-riding and galloping from our front window.  Boats, horses, seaplanes and surfboards are a few of the modes of transport whirling around us.  And today, we went four-wheeling and two-footing on the beach for ourselves.  I thought I’d let a few photos speak for themselves:

This windsurfer (or whatever it’s called) and his friends provided great entertainment.  Here he’s riding high. And his dog followed his every move from the beach, never losing sight of him.  The wind was strong this evening, creating good chop and putting a lot of power out there for this sport.  Fun to watch!

Windsurfer makes an exciting jump in our front yard on the Homer Spit, AK

These young ladies spent a while practicing their English riding and dressage exercises for us. Then they were off for a nice ride down the beach. English Riders on the Homer Spit beach.

We took a Jeep ride for a good distance on the rocky area of the beach today while the tide was out. Leave it to Jer to find a rock to climb, wherever.

A four-wheeling jaunt on the beach at Homer, AK

Look out below….these homes may go down the hill any moment.  Look at the eroded bank under the one on the left!  There were certainly prettier homes along our beachcombing route, but none more “adventurous” than below.

Homer, Alaska, homes on the edge.

Can you see those white objects in the distance down the beach?  One of them is Ferd – in our home-spot.  Time to get back before the tide comes back in.

Jerry in Ole Yeller on Homer Spit beach.

After that I too a long walk.  There are so many sea creatures and plants washed up on the shores as the tides come in an out here. Mr. Crab on Homer beach, AK. 

I posted here just a few of the scads of anemones, sea urchins, etc that I saw as I roamed.  The ones I touched felt rubbery and some were bumpy, like one of those dog play toys.

Plant life on the shore at Homer, AK

Sea life on the Homer beach.

What is it?

My last post of items deposited on the beach is coal.  We learned that this is the real thing, drifting onto shore from cliffs in the surrounding mountains, and that Alaskans collect it to use for heating.  It was also prevalent on the beaches north of Homer where we were last located. 

Coal on Homer beach

That’s the report from beachside.  Homer has shown us it’s own interesting and unique piece of Alaska.

Stay tuned and stay well.   See you later. 

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