Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ft. Nelson to Liard Hot springs, B. C. – Day 6 - Alaska Adventure 2010

May 26 – We could only describe our travels today as spectacular!  I keep trying to find the adequate descriptive words for these scenes along Highway 97, the Alaska Highway. This 190-mile trip is one wow after another.  The highway winds through the northern Canadian Rockies’ beautiful dense forests of lodge pole pines, white spruce, aspen and birch.British Columbia scenery on the Alaska Highway It was sunny all day, 50-60 deg., with only a few puffy clouds in the bright blue sky.  Add one more ingredient – the rivers rolling along at our side, rapidly moving from the spring thaw. Altogether, we were presented with outstanding vistas everywhere.

We were also keeping our eyes open for wildlife that we had learned might be in the region.  It was a bonanza on that count as well.  We saw two black bears, numerous Stone sheep and an ugly-mug moose. Stone sheep on the roadway at Muncho Lake Between watching the fantastic mountain scenery and the animals, these two Midwesterners had a fulfilling day by about 3:00 p.m.   Besides, thanks to Jerry’s homework, there was a potentially nice overnight spot on our radar at that particular point on the trip.   We found the overflow lot across from Liard River Provincial Park and pulled well off the road on the gravel lot next to the forest.  We took a walk through the park, had a late lunch and are now enjoying the wind talking in the trees.  What a great day!

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