Friday, December 4, 2009

Good Times with Good People

All the leftover turkey, mashed potatoes and pecan pie are long ago consumed. We ate too much, but the past two weeks was a great time of sharing with family and friends in the Indianapolis area.  We have to say that our people bring us joy and rejuvenation every time we gather.  But it's time to be moving along now. The temps are going down, the snow clouds are rolling in and we are heading south. As we are moving along through Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta today, we're thinking about some of our recent experiences.  These are a few photos that touch the surface of the good times.

We filled Tim's house to the brim on Thanksgiving with laughter, music and good food. 

Here's Tim giving good friend Bob some help cutting the scrumptious German cake he contributed to our feast.  Tim's place is our place when we're in town.  We are grateful for our accommodations and for the many memories being made.

An important ingredient in any Thanksgiving celebration,  of course,  is the kids.  And there was a fun-loving group of youngsters keeping us energized all day this year. For example, here are a couple representing the youngsters in our group.  Stella and Eland are posing gladly for the camera.  They played so hard all day and fell asleep with their toys and treats in front of the tv later in the evening.

And two more special people that always spice up our family celebrations are, grandaughter Caroline and daughter Krissy.   Two beautiful smiles! What more needs to be said?

To carry-on with the other side of the family, on Saturday we celebrated at my (Nancy's) nephew Alan's house.

It's hard to catch up on all the details of everybody's life in an afternoon. But there was enough conversation and frivolity to make a good try on that day.

We also always try to get the customary group photo when we get this many of us together. You know, the one with the kids lined up on the floor, some people hiding behind others' heads and some with their eyes shut. How difficult that is, right?  Oh Well, maybe next year my camera will work better. This time I will let my niece Nikki and her beautiful daughter, Annabelle, represent the family.

To wrap up this  two-week visit I was happy to be able to spend a little time with a couple of my aunts, Peg and Ruth. They are both expert quilters and are full of  energy for all their projects. The lunch with my sister, Marti, and our two aunts was packed with  family talk, reminiscing and getting the latest news on cousins, etc. It was so good to see them.

Then Aunt Peg surprised me with a handmade thank you for the family photo squares that I make for her to use in some of her creations. What a fabulous surprise! She made a quilt with denim squares for Jerry and I. It's just right for us to use in the rv as we watch tv or take a nap. Here's Aunt Peg and me showing off her handiwork.

Peg's latest project (And there are always new projects.) is Army quilts with matching pillows featuring her husband, my Uncle Shad, in his WWII uniform. She's making these sets for each grandson. They'll make cherished family treasures to pass down.

That's my quick synopsis of our past two weeks with family and friends, omitting the doctor visits and boring details. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. We'd enjoy hearing your stories, too. If you'd like to send some comments, click below.

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