Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Things Should Stay The Same

It's fun having a few friends over to roast hot dogs and make smores.  Right?  It's one of those traditions passed along in most of our families.  All that's needed is someone's backyard, a few logs, the appropriate nourishment and willing participants.  Here's the scene the day after one of those evenings at the Hurley Compound here in Fishers, Indiana.  It was a great time.  We even had an initiation.  One of us in the group (nameless) admitted to "never roasting hot dogs on a fire."  Of course we had to give him some grief for being neglected and pampered at the same time.   How could he not know how to make a stick into a utensil and insert that wonderful delicacy, holding it over the fire until just the right amount of blackness makes it crunchy.  Then, of course, we had to show him how to hold the hot dog with the bun and pull just right to get it... with the utmost sanitary conditions...off the stick.  Next came time to make those gooey golden marshmellows, squeezing them in the graham crackers with the Hersheys melting out the edges.  Smores, oh yeah!

As it turned dark and the younger folks went to bed, young Luke even loaned us his boy scout lantern in case we needed to light the way to the house for more provisions.  There were a few tales and jokes shared that night.

Looking at the remnants the next morning, I was thinking.  Wonder if city folk 100 or more years ago went camping?  Would they want to go out in the woods or build a fire for cooking if they didn't really have to? I searched a little using the 21st century's Internet and came across some proof of the attraction to this type of tradition even way back when.  Looks like they enjoyed "getting away from it all" , too!  Click here to take a look --  1890 Camping.

Some things don't ever change.  Let's hold on to them and keep passing them along....even to our adult friends.

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