Saturday, May 30, 2009

Allatoona Lake - Near Atlanta , GA

This is what happens when we don't really plan. Half way between our last stop in North Carolina and our destination for volunteering in Tennessee, we chose to pause for some more history. And now we have the most beautiful lake front property we could imagine. We are at Allatoona Lake, about 20 miles north of Atlanta off I-75. Jerry's great grandfather, George Begley, was in the area about 145 years ago with Gen. Sherman and a few thousand others. And for a few days while we look into some family history, we are also enjoying this fabulous Corps of Engineers park. Just wanted to share.


  1. We always seem to 'just happen' upon great spots too!

  2. WOW - What wonderful adventures and amazing sites you are seeing on your travels. And, your travels are your life! I can just see you soaking it all in. Keep sharing your experiences with your fans. Love you

  3. We were at Allatoona camp ground for two years before we set out full time.


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