Monday, April 13, 2009

Making History

Did you ever stop to think what history you are making every day? If your descendants were to research your life, what would they find and what would they think? Celebrating grandson Ben's birthday yesterday, along with some recent family research, made me wonder how our every day lives might play out in their minds. Would our ways of celebrating birthdays be strange? Or our traditions for Easter?

I hope they would find our lives somewhat interesting, and hopefully, worthy of retelling to their own contemporaries. Can you just hear it?? "These people had to use wires to connect their telephones and lights. They even pumped gasoline into their vehicles!!"

Lately history's been popping up as we plan our stops in the eastern part of the country for the next six months or so. We've been choosing sites that we will take some time to explore more in depth than our short vacations in the past have allowed. (Historical item here, at left: My mom's high school basketball team. Click to read.)

But this past weekend current events took center stage. Between Indiana's spring showers we had lots of fun celebrating Easter and our grandson's birthday.

My sister, Marti, has an annual Easter Egg Hunt
that she puts on for the children of family and friends on the Saturday preceding Easter. In addition to assembling a tremendous number of eggs to hide, she cooked some delicious food. We all filled our bellies with meatballs, her fabulous potato salad, great vegetables, and of course, deviled eggs and cupcakes with jelly bean decorations.

Jerry and Krissy and I were appointed to be Easter Bunnies. I'll tell you this, it was a challenge to find enough hiding places for the volume of eggs she had stuffed with candy, money and prize-winning tickets. But the kids were determined to find every one. They enjoyed blowing bubbles and playing with all the gifts that were rewards of their efforts. Thanks, Marti, it was a nice day!

The following day, Easter Sunday, was a day for celebrating grandson Ben's 14th birthday. And we were blessed with another sunny day...... we could enjoy the outdoors. Ben's Uncle Tim once again opened his home to us all. The food was great, the company was great and the story-telling was outstanding.

The youngsters in the group ran Tim's atv's mercilously on the tracks next door. Even Rio, the always-ready-to-play-ball Border Collie had a workout and was exhausted by the end of the afternoon....... Just the usual Hurley gathering.
Celebrating Ben's birthday made me think back (Here goes history again.) to when he visited us on the road at Green River Lakes in Wyoming a few summers ago. It was such a treasure to be able to share that spot with him.

Here's a photo of Jerry and Ben during that visit. As is always said, how can they grow up so fast? Ben is turning into a young man. He has a great personality, brains, an inquisitive nature and a super smile. (No prejudice here!)

What will his history be down the road?
We made one day of it, his 14th birthday.
May you have many more fabulous ones, Ben!!

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