Sunday, November 9, 2008

Testing, 1....2

I've been getting some messages from some of you out there that the blog will not load for you. So here's a quick test. Please, let me know if you have trouble or not. Perhaps there was a gremlin in my last post.
Speaking of craziness, here's an example of some fun being had on our field trip to the beautiful BioPark in Albuquerque. Jerry and a couple of our favorite Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge staff posed during a short break. About 30 of us volunteers and staff enjoyed visiting the botanical gardens and the Rio Grande Nature Center courtesy of our employers.
It's been a busy but couple of weeks while we've been getting acquainted with our assignments and making new friends. I'll share more soon.


  1. Hey you two! No problems with your blog... I really enjoyed your bird photos. Maureen

  2. it is working fine and to us it as work alway

  3. We can hear you (and read you) loud and clear. But just this blog and the chili pictures. How are you doing on recovering the rest? Best wishes. C&J


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