Sunday, August 31, 2008

How Did We Get Here?

No this isn't trick photography. We are in Paris, Texas, and this is their own version of the Eiffel Tower, standing 65 ft tall with the cowboy hat "Texanizing" it. Paris is about 100 miles northeast of Dallas, just south of the Oklahoma line. How and why are we here? This particular stop sure wasn't on our radar. As you all know, Hurricane Gustav is threatening to annihilate certain areas of the gulf coast. Perfect timing for us to be in Livingston, TX, (near Houston) getting our residency requirements handled. Let's see, 75 MPH winds, flooding, trees falling. Not our brand of fun. So, we made an evaluation and decided that we would go north for a few days and let the high winds and torrential rains do their work without us.

So here we are in Paris. As fate would have it, we went what we thought was the wrong way on the loop around the city. As we were turning around in the parking lot of the civic center we saw RVs parked at hookups.

Long story short, we parked overnight with a convention of square dancers. Had fun watching them reel last night and have a view of the Eiffel Tower. What more could we want?!

But, you say, what's been going on before the hurricane detour?? Prior to this little adventure we were in Nacogdoches, Texas, for a week or so having motorhome maintenance done. In fact, while talking with the service reps at Motorhomes of Texas, we mentioned the trouble we were having finding a replacement for our threadbare couch. Just the labor to deconstruct ours seemed to befuddle most motorhome renovators. Well, it turns out the MOT folks had both the know-how and a nice piece of furniture that fit exactly into the space. Voila!! Here's our new couch. It took the service people a lot longer than they thought to get it installed, but luckily we had negotiated a flat price.

Now, our revised plans are to continue to monitor the Gustav activity as we explore some more in northern Texas.

Time will tell if we make it back down to Livingston to get drivers' licenses. We'll be checking out a new Corp of Engineers park near Dallas in the next couple of days. For now, Paris is nice.


  1. I like the sofa are you going to get
    new chairs too
    I alway wanted to go paris tx

  2. nice couch. We're enjoying your travels. Frank just had rotator cuff surgery today so we are still stuck in Mt. for several months.
    frank and gretchen


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