Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life happens while we are making plans

A few days ago we had a surprise as I flossed my teeth -- a chunk broke off of my front tooth. Well what's to be done? Perhaps this is the time to try the dentist in Mexico that some friends recommended highly. After all, we've heard several stories of the fine work and extremely good prices. So we put our plans on hold for now and headed back to Yuma so that we could check out the dentist in Algodones. Long story short---- the consultation visit went well and I return this Tuesday to have the work done.
But occasionally detours can lead us to good places. It turns out that we crossed paths with some friends, Jan and Chuck Moore, who are parked with us at Sidewinder Road. They share our genealogy interest so we are enjoying those conversations that make most of you yawn or roll your eyes. Of course we find many opportunities to share stories of travels while we watch those gorgeous blue, purple and orange sunsets all around us.
Yesterday Jan and Chuck asked us to join them for some geocaching. Before we knew it we were all heading out on our searches with GPS's in hand. One of our geocaches was a tiny box sitting within the branches of this tree. Take a look at the dense masses of mistletoe hanging on the tree's branches. It's a site that's common in the desert. As you can see, the mistletoe is draining this tree of its life. Instead of producing its own food, mistletoe feeds on trees and may kill its tree host. The seeds are carried by birds. Interesting to see what a plant we associate with "love" does to survive.
On to another geocache -- Here's Jan and Chuck uncovering our cache buried in an old ammo box that was near the American Girl Mine. We considered the afternoon successful as we uncovered two out of the three caches and had some challenges on the way. It's a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in the desert with some nice people.

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  1. Hey, don't know which way you are heading after you get your tooth fixed, but, we are right up here in Blythe at the KOA...

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron


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