Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Trails

We are traveling now from southwestern Arizona to middle New Mexico. We left Blythe, California, four days ago and are now in Deming, NM. That's about 400 miles total. Now those of you who aren't fulltime rvers are thinking, "Why so slow?" While those of you who are vagabonds like us are perhaps proclaiming, "What's the hurry?" It's all relative, and isn't that the interesting part of it.

Our destination on this particular jaunt is the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge near Socorro, NM. We haven't had the chance to revisit this beautiful spot where we kicked off our rving lifestyle with our first volunteer positions a few years ago. And since it's on the way to visit an old friend further north in somewhat colder climate, we've decided to offer our services for a couple of weeks. I'll let you know how this develops in the next few days.

Meanwhile, I also wanted to mention that I came across a great website today. It's called The Happiness Project, where author Gretchen Rubin blogs about her latest research for a book she is writing on this same topic.
She says: "I’m testing every principle, tip, rule, theory, and scientific study about happiness that I can find, to report on what works." For example, here are a few topics from her Wednesday Tips section: "13 tips fro dealing with a really lousy day" -- "21 phrases to help you fight right with your sweetheart" -- "Eleven internet tools to boost your happiness."

Well there are a lot of positive vibes going on here! If you are interested go take a look at

In the spirit of this post, I came across this photo that is connected with some happy memories from a few years ago. Here's Jerry and Krissy taking a ride on Cherry.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter and that spring has sprung in your life.

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  1. it good to see you'll having a great time. maybe jerry can cut grass he like that


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