Monday, February 18, 2008

Bringing Things Up-to-date

During the past few months we have had many good experiences along the road. Many of them couldn't be captured in photographs, but we do have some that tell a story that we would like to share. I've finally made myself take the time to bring these postings up to date.

Our 4wheeling in Yuma in November and our Quartzsite experiences in January are now recorded in the photos posted on our image page. If you want to take a look at those stories, click on the links under "More of Our Photos" in the right hand column of this blog. This takes you to our photo page. Hope you enjoy!

Of course there are many memories of great trails, but there are many other special times. Here's one -- an evening we had with friends at Silly Al's in Q. Gerry and Armando and other compatriots were sharing some laughs with us. Do you recognize the hat?????

On the last day of our latest rally at Black Canyon City, AZ, we went on a trail called Mica Mule, taking us through the scenic Soap Canyon and over fun rocky hills. Our leaders that day, Bob and Marilynn Parker, helped make it a pleasant run. They were also one of the host couples for the rally. We are grateful to these folks and all those who contributed to the rally. I didn't take photos on this particular run, but some friends sent us this one of us at lunch on the trail. There were many smiles that day, too.


  1. What a good looking couple!

    And.... a great photo!

  2. awe. you guys look like you are having fun! :]
    i love gramps laugh, i'm sure he did that weezing thing like he always does when he is laughing too hard. haha
    i love you both. <3

    *the stupid comment thing wouldn't let me put my name so i had to go anonymous. :]


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