Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mittry Lake - Yuma - Christmas

Our celebration began with tamales and tequila on Christmas Eve. They tell us it's a tradition in Mexico. Here's Jerry and Santa Jim getting ready to toast the holiday.

We woke up on Christmas Day to wind roaring up to about 40 mph gusts. Not to be deterred from having our feast, we circled a few of the rigs for shelter and enjoyed our turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie in our outdoor setting.

It calmed somewhat and old Sol cooperated, so we all filled our bellies and shared stories for the afternoon.

From our parking location here at Mittry Lake we can look up the foothills and see a billboard-like structure that has various theories behind its purpose. And just because it's there, Jerry's been taking folks to the top to view the valley and mountains. You can see for miles at the summit and, besides, it's an adventure getting there. This first photo is a shot from our parking spot showing the "billboard" at the top (small black square).

Then I've posted views of Ole Yeller at the top and some of the beautiful panoramas.

In one photo there is a view of the trail through the hills to the top.

There's also a look at our group of RVers parked near the lake.

Thanks to our friend Barry who snapped these shots while taking his turn at the top.


  1. Hi, Hurleys. Thanks for the tip, Jerry... we found your blog on Padraic's site - where you are listed as Jerry and Nancy. :-) We're looking forward to keeping up with your travels and seeing you along the road. Safe travels and happy New Year.

  2. It was great spending time with you here at Mittry. We're looking forward to seeing pictures of your adventures at the off road rally in Borrego Springs with the FMCA'ers! We know you'll have great fun! Guess we'll catch up to you in Q!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron

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