Thursday, November 1, 2007

Granger Lake - A Nice Spot

We're meandering our way from Livingston to Fredericksburg, Texas over a couple of days. Tonight's location is a favorite Corps of Engineers Park near Taylor, Texas, - Wilson Fox Park on Granger Lake. It's a nice spot to stopover, just northeast of Taylor off State Highway 95 and FM1331. Preferring to take state highways, especially avoiding Houston all-together, the park is on our favorite route through middle Texas. If you are eligible for the Golden Age Pass, this park is well worth the $7-9 fee. Here's an example of one of the sites, empty tonight but, just waiting for the weekenders who have reserved it. There are also these unique little screened shelters on some of the sites with tables and a sink inside - great for a family. There are just a few of us in the park tonight. I'm sure that changes on Fridays when, surely, there are fishermen and families everywhere.
Today is also a test day for us with our new Verizon air card. Usually when we have a one night stop in a park such as this we don't have the internet. It's too short a time to make it worth setting up our Direcway satellite dish and there's no free wifi available. But tonight is a new scenario for us! This blog posting is our first using our new air card system. So far we are doing well. There is a glitch with one of our computer's wireless adapter's communicating with the router. But the air card is working great tonight and we expect increased usage due to the convenience. Just makes us slightly closer to our goal of simplifying our lives for more travel.

Tomorrow we'll roll along into Texas Hill Country, avoiding interstates and seeking out new scenery.

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