Sunday, October 21, 2007

Traveling Again

Thanks so much to our family and friends in Indianapolis for the good visits over the past few months!!! We both feel so fortunate to have such a good bunch of folks in our lives. Among those special people, of course, are our children and family members. It was difficult but we managed to talk them into sitting still for this photo the night before we hit the road again. We love you guys!

About ten days ago we pulled out of Indy, heading southwest to an appointment in Nacogdoches at Motorhomes of Texas. Good old Ferd had several aches and pains to find remedies for and we were lucky to get into MOT's busy schedule with the many Foretravel owners converging on central Texas for a national convention. What a nice experience! We spent two days parked at the service center and were very impressed with the quality and courtesy of this company. Now we are in a waiting mode again before we can have the body work done from our little skirmish with a bridge. Hopefully we will have all these chores behind us by the end of October. We are really looking forward to just doing our thing for a while......wherever and whenever...

Meanwhile, during our little break here in Livingston, Texas, Jerry decided to make another change and shaved his mustache. I was pretty surprised and can't decide yet if I like the change or not. Let's take a little survey. What do you all think?????


  1. ohhhh myyyy goshhhhh! :O

    gramps, if i do have to say you look very... uhm, overworked. ;]

    you NEED to grow some hair, maybe i could get you that rogane foam. that would do the trick. :]

    i love you gramps, but do us all a favor and grow it back!!!

    love love love, Caroline <3

  2. I agree, the mustache needs to grow back! MJ

  3. Yes, I third the motion, Jerry you look so much better WITH a mustache!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron

  4. Who is this guy? Facial hair is a personal decision. But please.....wear your derby or we won't recognize you!!!!!!

  5. I agree, the mustache should stay..
    we are heading south to Texas. Lubbock, Dallas, Livingston, Houston. Looking for Thanksgiving Rang in Texas if any?

  6. Jerry,

    You have a beautiful face! No need for excess facial hair. Keep the derby though!

    Maureen & Eric


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