Friday, July 27, 2007

Midwest Summer

Greetings from the Midwest!
(Please read on down to learn about these handsome people in the photo that appears magically in two places.) It's been a busy summer at our lovely spot at "Tim Hurley's Haven." Even though work isn't high on our priority list we've been reorganizing our rented storage, cutting down on our space and also working on getting the "to do" list shortened, like cleaning the basement in the rig, buying two new tires and servicing the transmission. Yuck! So much for the necessary evils. The best part is we've been spending quality time with family and friends. Tim finally got smart and decided to buy himself a Jeep. Had to snap a shot of "Dad and Son with their toys."

But we recently decided to take off down the road again, just a short distance away to Cleveland, Ohio. You say -Why?! Well our very good friends, Mike and Suzanne, suggested we attend the 25th Annual Cleveland Irish Festival. Since we know it's always a great time when we get together with them and there's never a dull moment at an Irish fest, we were on it right away. Here's Mike, Jer, and Suzanne taking in some raucous balladeers. There was a lot of fabulous music, libations, dancing and some shopping for those required shirts and baubles. We had a great time catching up on our lives since we don't see as much of Mike and Suzanne any more. If you'd like to here a snipit of a super Irish tenor or the bagpipes, click on our Midwest 2007 file in the right column and go to our image site. There are a few photos and two short music videos.
We are now winding our way through various towns in Ohio, searching out tidbits of both of our families' genealogy and discovering nuances of the small town Midwest. Did you know that Zanesville, Ohio, has the best ever ice cream place - Tom's Ice Cream Bowl. They've been serving up delicious homemade ice cream since the 1940s. Don't miss it if you are passing through and happen over the unique and famous " Y Bridge" that crosses two rivers at once in the downtown area of Zanesville. Anybody can point you to Tom's.

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  1. ZANESVILLE, Isn't that where one of our favorite people is from (aka Jan). Now did she turn you onto the ice cream place or did you find it all by yourself? Wondering minds want to know.
    Diana Ruelens
    From "Trailer Trash to Trawler Trash"


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