Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Greetings from Indianapolis

We’ve enjoyed some great times here in Indianapolis even though the weather lately is either hot and extremely humid or pouring rain. There have been softball games, a band concert and a Saturday night at the stock car races with grandchildren. Other events include a mother-daughter evening at the horse races, a super Father’s Day, cookouts and other gatherings with our family and friends, lots of reminiscing at a family reunion and just plain wonderful one-on-one good visiting with our children and other family members.

The negatives, of course, are the doctor visits, insurance applications and RV repairs (yada, yada, yada….) But that’s no fun to talk about, so we won’t.

Here are a few photos of our latest activities:

Out at the ballpark - - Above -- Jerry and his granddaughter Caroline at one of her recent softball games. She’s a super player, of course.

Another momentous event was her 14th birthday party this past Sunday. Here she is with her mom, Jenny. What a beautiful pair!

We all wish you many more fab birthdays Caroline! Of course her presents included awesome new clothes, jewelry, her fair share of cash, etc. It was a nice afternoon celebration, playing with the dog, listening to brother Ben play the drums, helping Jeff watch the Nascar race and the usual wild family conversation.

To Top It Off:

Uncle Tim gave her a birthday ride on his Harley.


More Family Fun:

We were glad to be in town for a gathering of Nancy’s maternal family, the Webers. Everyone had a great time talking about old times and catching up a little on the latest, --- and laughing a good deal, too!

Here are some photos of the cousins gathered that day. We had one token male cousin in attendance and it just wouldn’t do but that we drag him into one of the photos. That wasn’t necessarily an easy task, but we managed to get one photo, even if we were mostly cracking up. Thanks Bill, for being a good sport!!

There are (and were) some pretty special mothers and fathers, a.k.a. aunts and uncles, in this family who were responsible for super memories for us all during our childhood. It was so good to visit with these folks. So they just had to be on the blog today.

Thanks so much to you all for the memories – Ruth, Mel, Emma, Gin and Peg. Let’s do it again soon.
And next time we’ll see how many more of the other twenty or so cousins we can gather.


  1. Nice to see the the new update. Thanks! Good to see your family fun.

  2. Nancy, Thanks for posting the pictures so fast!! It was really good to see you guys! What an interesting life you're living and it's always fun to listen to your adventures!! Keep on RV'ing!!!

    Love ya, Nancy G

  3. Nancy,
    It was nice to finally meet you after reading your blog that my mom, Marilyn, sent me a link to. It was nice also to see some family and have a great get-together. I wish you many blessings on your travels and look forward to reading about your new adventures to come.
    Lisa Riddle (Schuster)

  4. WOW! I love the new blog, especially the pretty pretty pictures of me!! ;] It was soo fun to spend time with you and Gramps. Thank you again for my birthday presents. =] I love you both, see ya soon!!!


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