Monday, March 26, 2007

Animal Heaven

On Sunday, March 25, we went down the road just a few miles from our ranch location in southern Arizona to spend some time at a special place. The human inhabitants of this 40-acre ranch have rescued or adopted a variety of dogs, cats, goats, miniature horses and full size horses. This is Pal, one of the lucky animals living in this little slice of animal heaven. He was only shy for the first few minutes we were there and then he took all the attention we could give. The pet goats were also very curious as to what Barry might have for them.

Below, Jan and Jerry are sharing a few thoughts with the owner of this lovely spot, Roseanne.

We all had a very pleasant afternoon visiting with Roseanne and her mother, Carolyn, and we made several new four-legged friends as well. The three miniature horses that live here were rejected by the owners since they didn't have the particular characteristics that would make them good breeding animals. They have a fantastic place to roam now. Below are Shadow and Lady coming for some rubs on the head. And at the bottom, all three little ones are in their pasture where we watched them run, play and kick wildly. And take a look at one of the ranch's 360 degree views of the Chiricahua Mountains as well.


  1. Hi Hurley Family,

    Nancy and Jerry I see that your still having a great time. I love to look at all your adventurers. I may never get to go to all the great places you've gone but I can see them through all your pictures.

    Continual to have fun!


  2. Great start to your blog. We are glad to hear Jerry is back up and at it again.
    Hugs, George and Diana


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