Saturday, November 25, 2006

Our New Home

After considering a switch from our 5th wheel to a motorhome for about a year, we got serious and found a possible prospect for a new home during our adventures in Texas in November. The negotiation worked out pretty comfortably but the transaction was a bit more difficult. What a week! From the time we agreed on a price for "Ferd" the Foretravel motorhome on November 20 until we finalized the transaction on November 28 was an ordeal to remember. It was a lesson in working with wire transfers, banks and investment companies that we would prefer to limit to that one occasion. How does money go to a bank in Wisconsin that has no relation to one in Indiana when you have provided the routing numbers??? Beats me!

Having recovered from those days of frustration, we snuggled our 5th wheel alongside our newly-acquired motorhome and proceeded to sort, pitch, uninstall, reinstall, reorganize and sell as needed for five days, until we had our belongings somewhere in Ferd. We were fortunate that we had a nice location, the Escapees Alamo RV Park in Hondo, Texas, where the people were friendly and very helpful. By the time we finished our move it was time to turn the wheels toward Indianapolis for our Christmas visit.

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  1. Now you're talking! Your new home, FERD, is fantastic. I can't wait to join you on the road in my own rig someday! - Karen


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